GET 700+ Through Kolkata’s Best Offline NEET Test Series.

The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is India’s leading medical entrance test for admission to MBBS, BDS, Ayush, and other medical courses. NEET is supervised and conducted under the guidelines framed by the National Testing Agency (NTA). It considers NEET All India Rank (AIR) as the deciding factor for admission to undergraduate courses in medical and dental colleges across India. This AIR is evaluated based on the NEET score. Thus, a high score becomes essential for students to get MBBS or BDS seats in leading colleges in the country.  If a student achieves a score of 700+ in NEET they can be assured of a seat in India’s topmost medical college. Now you might wonder how to get 700+ marks.  To be honest, there is no set formula for scoring. Your commitment and persistence will determine how well you perform. If you are worried about getting 700 in NEET then start preparing now. Use your energy in practice instead of wasting it on unnecessary deeds. Make a study schedule and stick to it religiously. Don’t put things off until tomorrow; Do them now. To reach your goals, remember this success mantra.

Students spend the entire year studying for this important exam, but without a question, the final days before the exam are the most important aspect of the preparation process. Every NEET applicant is concerned about what to learn, revise and follow in the last days before NEET 2023. The following advice is intended to help students perform well in the upcoming NEET exam.

Create a Helpful and Convenient Study Plan

Instead of making a schedule, just stick to the wall and be consistent. Difficult-to-follow study strategies should be avoided. Create a productive schedule that suits your abilities while focusing on completing the NEET syllabus. Give time to each subject, and pay close attention to the chapters that will get you the best grades.

Know The Syllabus Properly

The vastness of the NEET syllabus is one of the major factors that make NEET difficult. If you have a good idea about the syllabus. This will make your study process easier. It even helps you focus on the right areas that need special attention. NEET exam covers the NCERT syllabus. If you are thorough with the class 11 and 12 NCERT syllabus then NEET is going to be the easiest exam.

Choose High-Quality Study Materials

Effective study material can build your NEET preparation nicely and it can give you better results. Choosing the right study material for NEET preparation will do wonders. Choosing the best study material from a long list can be a bit difficult.  Aims Institute in Barrackpore can be your savior.  Aims offer high-quality study materials covering every important aspect of the syllabus. These materials will clear your concept of every topic and no other books will be required to purchase.


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Create an Effective Study Planner

Create quick notes, flowcharts, and mind maps and list all important information for each chapter. To remind yourself of something that feels important, write it down and stick it to your mirror case or dresser. You’ll benefit from it and make room in your head for last-minute revisions.

Practice As Much As Possible

You must know – practice is the key to success! Practice gives you the ability to achieve perfection in any field of life and the same is true in cracking NEET. With practice, your knowledge level increases, your test-taking ability improves, and on top of that, your confidence also improves. You have to enter the examination hall with utmost confidence. Practice can only help you of course but it is equally important that you know how to practice in the right way so that you can crack NEET with a top rank.

GET 700+ Through Kolkata’s Best Offline NEET Test Series.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of question practice. NEET applicants should practice taking NEET mock tests and sample papers as much as possible. Exposure to different types of questions is one of the major benefits of taking a mock test series. Second, it helps students evaluate their work. Students are introduced to the NEET exam format, which provides an added advantage. Students can get a proper idea of ​​the exam as these sample papers and mock tests are based on the actual exam format. To help students prepare for the NEET exam, the focus area offers various practice tests and exams.

Aims provide the best Offline Test series for NEET in Kolkata. The focused-oriented Test series program guide you to score 700+ easily.  We include live doubt-clearing sessions on our Barrackpour campus which help students to remove doubt and boost confidence toward success.

The main feature of aims offline NEET offline test series

  1. Real exam Environment: We provide a real examination-like environment that helps to boost your mental strength gradually. NEET examination is a one-day game, in our experience, we see that the students who score well in the mock examination fail to score well in the real examination. The main reason is that Examination Fear reduces his/her efficiency drastically in Real Examinations. So practice in under pressure is extremely necessary for removing examination fear.
  2. Real exam-like question paper: Not too tough or not too easy, you need a real examination pattern question paper.  If you get 720/720 in the easy mock test then you fall in false confidence which creates a massive disaster in a real examination, on the other hand, hard question paper drastically destroys your confidence, so you need real examination pattern question paper where performance is measured with strict NTA guideline. You feel no level difference at the time of the real examination.
  3. Doubt Clearing session: Not only practice, but you need good guidance also. Practice without proper guidance makes no meaning, we provide the best faculty support for doubt-clearing sessions, where you clear your doubt which boosts your confidence in the real examination.


Avoid Blind-guessing

Since this exam has negative markings, you must avoid blind-guessing. You can opt for alternative elimination techniques as they can be helpful in some cases. Read the questions carefully and thoroughly. Just focus on attempting questions correctly instead of just attempting more questions.

 Join a Reputed and Trusted Coaching Centre

Join a coaching center (online or offline) if you haven’t yet. Being in coaching gives you great exposure to a vast number of good questions and the tests conducted there based on the NEET pattern will help you reduce the level of anxiety that arises in help you reduce the level of anxiety that arises in many students while taking the actual exam. Coaching centers can be quite helpful in preparing for various competitive exams including NEET. Their top-notch faculty, high-quality study materials, and frequent mock test series will keep you on track with your preparation. One such institute which provides outstanding teaching support and individual guidance for the exam is Aims, a rapidly growing institute for NEET and JEE in Barrackpore.

Be Calm and Stressfree

It can be a bit stressful while preparing for boards and NEET simultaneously, but if you have the passion and dedication you can do it easily. It is highly recommended to keep your mind calm. A calm mind can learn new concepts easily. Believe in yourself and be confident. Nothing is impossible if you truly desire it.

So, these are some tricks and tips to crack NEET or any competitive examination in life. Remember, always aim higher than the score you want in NEET as your competitors are more than 18 lakhs and consist of the best of brains. To get 650+ in NEET, you should target 700 and above which requires both hard work and smart work. We hope the preparation methods discussed above will have a great impact on your preparation routine. For more guidance, you can contact Aims Institute in Barrackpore where you can make your dream a reality. Wish you all great success in the future.




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