Two Year Mock Test Programme for JEE Mains & Advanced ( OFFLINE MODE)

  • Programme Objective:

This two year course is designed to prepare the aspirants for IIT-JEE (JEE Main & Advanced).  This is the most elite course that Aims offers. Numerous test series, practice session & separate doubt clearing sessions are associated to boost the confidence of the aspirants for sure success.  


This course is for students studying in Class XI and for those who passed 10 Board Exam.

  • Course Highlight:

Tests will be provided in eight modes : a) Unit Test I, b) Pre Mock Test I, c) Mock Test I, and d) Mock Test II, e) Pre Mock Test II, f) Unit Test II, g) Mock Test III, h) Mock Test IV.

  • Important Features of the Course:
  1. Mock Tests are prepared exactly in JEE Exam pattern.
  2. Students will be provided paper before exam.
  3. Answer Sheets will be evaluated by experienced faculty of the institution and Model Answers will be provided to the students.
  4. Students can adjust their test timing according to their school examination.
  5. Revision and doubt classes will be provided by the institution.
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