Franchise information

  • School association programme ( SAP)

Along with regular classroom study programme for NEET/JEE mains& Advanced, Aims invites an Association with school, named- School association programme ( SAP).This unique integrated classroom programme is focused cater highly motivated, ambitious students who want to set their career as Engineer or doctors.

  • Salient Features


1.     JEE Classes will be taken by Aims faculty members

2.     The students will be prepared for school & Board exams by same faculty.( optional)

3.     Students do not need to travel separately for school and coaching ( optional)

4.     Helps to increase schools brand name & reputation.  

5.     Suitable for Residential ( convent) School.

  •   Students Benefit


          Year long planner

          Subject wise daily practice sheet ( DPP )

          Monthly Evolution test

          Free online mock test

          Fully solved Aims study material

          Monthly parents teacher meeting

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