Why Aims

Why should students or parents consider choosing Aims Institute for preparation of Engineering & medical Entrance examination?

Integrated Teaching Approach

The Standardized Education Delivery methodology at Aims ensures perfect and consistent coaching by our faculty members. The teaching methodology is so unique and holistic that it generates not only excellent classroom discussions but also insightful fully solved study material. Each and every lecture is planned to make balance blend of theory & numerical problem to ensure that the content delivered is standard, complete and finished in stipulated time. The concept at Aims is not only to teach for Entrance Exams but also for Board exams. Every effort is made to make the concepts crystal clear to the student.

Well Qualified Faculty 

Aims has very good pool of talented and highly qualified teachers best possible classroom experience in the Coaching Industry. The basic structure of Aims is firmly built on a highly professional faculty team comprising of a perfect blend of academicians and subject experts. The notable qualifications and vast experience ( more than 15 to 20 years) of the faculty members help to make complex problems easy for students.

Good Track Record of Results in Competitive exams like NEET, AIIMS & JEE

Break free from your local average tuitions and the constraints of lack of good study material. Get Aims high-quality classroom lectures and fully solved study material right on your fingertips

Doubt Clearance 

The students at Aims find the doubt clearing system quite helpful. During doubt clearing hours, students can ask any doubt on any topic from the respective subject from teachers in weakly basic.

Tests and Assignments 

Aims Daily practice Assignments give extra mileage over others. The students are given to try the set of problem at the end of every topic on their own without the support of the teachers. This happens on a routine basis. This DPP ( Daily practice paper) ensure that the students concentrate on two of the most important factors necessary to crack the toughest exams that are subject knowledge and a regular practice of the subject with a clear-cut objective of time management and minimizing errors as the studies progress. Our assignments are well known for improving concepts, reducing errors, enhancing concentration, boosting test scores and above all ensuring selection in the Entrance Exams.

Stress Management Sessions 

Aims conducts Stress management class by industry expert time to time to inspire students to Handel stress and motivated to make them a winner.

Parent Teacher Meetings 

Parent-Teacher Meeting an integral part of our education delivery and feedback system. We frequently invite parents to meet with their ward’s respective teachers to understand their performance closely In Parents teacher meeting parents can directly meet the teachers and know about the weak areas of their child.

Competitive Atmosphere with Personalized Attention 

Competitive environment and focused learning at Aims provide the necessary edge and exposure to students.

Fully Solved Study Material 

Meticulous, relevant and Fully solved Study Material help student independently solve in home and Test Papers ( DPT) are prepared based on the latest pattern of exams designed by the expert faculty at Aims

Daily Attendance Monitoring 

You can now track daily attendance digitally, send daily/monthly attendance alerts to absentees, and also pull attendance from bio metric machines

Comprehensive testing system 

At Aims, students are exposed to different types of test segments viz, Chapter wise test, Monthly test (Term Tests), Complete Syllabus Tests, Real like Mock test, Online Test. The Complete Syllabus Tests are full length tests that cover entire syllabus of the particular subject.

Modern Infrastructure 

At Aims, we provide students with modern infrastructure and facilities. As a part of this endeavor, we intend to provide air-conditioned classrooms that provide a comfortable learning atmosphere. We strongly recommend small classroom for better attention. We don’t allow more than 30 student in a batch for better attention.

Our centers aim to have a provision of Library that offers students a wide range of books to choose from and keep them up to date about the latest information

Monthly Performance Analysis

With regular practice tests, monthly test you can now analyze your performance and review your progress Comprehensive performance & progress reports further help you prepare better for Board and Competitive Exams