Foundation Course


The Foundation is for guiding the students of class VIII – X in the different topic with an in-depth discussion of concepts from basic to advanced level. The topics are not only covered from the concerning syllabus but also topics of the higher classes will be covered. This will give the students confidence and prepare them for competitive examination. Aims ensure overall development of the students through the regular mock test, class test, and surprise test also. This keeps in track the consistency of the student's improvement.


This course is designed for the aspirants who are underclass x level. IT is a kind of bridge course to make aspirants familiar with the difficulty level of JEE/NEET examination from a very early age. Along with traditional school level syllabus, special care will be taken by respective faculties to build a solid foundation eyeing the future competitive examinations.

  • Eligibility:

Admission will be on the basis of marks obtained in class VII, VIII & IX School Exam.

  • Batch Start Time:

From 1st week of any month throughout the year.

  • Important Features of the Course:

a)     Comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.

b)     15-20 year experienced an excellent pool of faculty members

c)     Library support to the students

d)     Updated Study Material

e)     Revision and Doubt Clearing classes